Best Graphics Cards – Ranking 2017

In this article you will find the 150 best graphics cards of this 2017. Remember that to build a PC gaming the video card is the main component. If you have a good graphics card so you will get better performance in your computer games and better graphics quality of course.

Basically you should look at the ranking under the following approximation::

  • For an extreme Gaming PC: top 10.
  • For an high-end range Gaming PC: top 25.
  • For an mid-high range Gaming PC: top 26 – 50.
  • For an mid-range Gaming PC: top 51 – 100.
  • For an medium-low range Gaming PC: top 101 – 125.
  • For an low range Gaming PC: top 126 – 150.

Tip: If you are about to buy a high-end or extreme video card especially, check that your processor is high-performance and your RAM is sufficient (10 GB or more). Otherwise you may experience a bottleneck.

Graphics Cards Ranking – Extreme to Medium-High Range

TopTarjeta GráficaTopTarjeta Gráfica
1NVIDIA TITAN Xp26Radeon R9 390X
2Quadro P600027Quadro P2000
3GeForce GTX 1080 Ti28Radeon R9 Fury + Fury X
4NVIDIA TITAN X29FirePro W8100 Graphic Adapter
5Radeon RX Vega 6430Radeon RX 480
6GeForce GTX 108031GeForce GTX 780
7GeForce GTX 980 Ti32Radeon R9 390
8Radeon Vega Frontier Edition33GeForce GTX Titan
9GeForce GTX 1080 with Max-Q Design34Radeon RX 580
10GeForce GTX 107035Radeon Pro WX 7100
12Quadro P400037Quadro K6000
13Quadro P500038GRID M60-2Q
14Quadro M6000 24GB39Radeon R9 295X2
15GeForce GTX 98040Radeon RX 470
16Radeon Pro Duo41Radeon R9 290X / 390X
17Quadro M600042Radeon R9 290 / 390
18Quadro M550043Radeon RX 570
19GeForce GTX 780 Ti44FirePro W9100
20GeForce GTX 106045Quadro M4000
21GeForce GTX 1060 3GB46FirePro S7150
22GeForce GTX TITAN Black47Quadro K5200
23GeForce GTX 97048FirePro W7100 Adapter
24Quadro M500049GeForce GTX 770
25Quadro GP10050Radeon R9 380X


Graphics Cards Ranking – Medium to Low Range

TopTarjeta GráficaTopTarjeta Gráfica
51Radeon R9 380101Radeon R9 270 / R7 370
52FirePro W8100102Quadro M3000M
53Radeon R9 280X103FirePro W7000 Adapter
54GeForce GTX 960104Radeon R9 M290X
55Radeon R9 M395X105GeForce GTX 775M
56GeForce GTX 1050 Ti106GeForce GTX 590
57GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q Design107FirePro S7000
58GeForce GTX 980M108FirePro W7000
59GeForce GTX 680109GeForce GTX 660
60Radeon Pro WX 5100110Radeon R9 M390X
61Quadro P3000111GeForce GTX 970M
62Radeon R9 285 / 380112GeForce GTX 780M
63Radeon HD 7990113Quadro K5000
64Quadro M5000M114Radeon Pro WX4100
65FirePro W9000115Radeon HD 8970M
66FirePro W7100116Radeon Pro WX 4100
67GeForce GTX 670117Radeon Pro WX 4130
68GeForce GTX 690118Radeon HD 7850
69Radeon R9 280119Radeon HD 7970M
70GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-Q Design120GRID K2
71Radeon HD 7970 / R9 280X121Tesla C2050 / C2070
72GeForce GTX 950122GeForce GTX 750 Ti
73Radeon R9 M395123Radeon RX 550
74Radeon R9 M295X124Quadro M2200
75Quadro P1000125GeForce GTX 470
76GeForce GTX 760 Ti126GeForce GTX 880M
77GeForce GTX 580127Radeon R9 M470X
78GeForce GTX 760128GeForce GTX 560 Ti
79FirePro W7170M129GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST
80Radeon RX 560130Quadro K2200
81Radeon HD 7950 / R9 280131GRID M60-8Q
82Radeon HD 8990132Radeon HD 6970
83GRID M60-1Q133Quadro 6000
84Radeon R9 370134Tesla C2050
85GeForce GTX 660 Ti135Radeon Pro WX 3100
86Radeon R9 270X136GeForce GTX 680M
87Radeon R7 370137GRID M10-1Q
88FirePro W8000 Adapter138Tesla C2075
89Quadro K4200139GeForce GTX 750
90Quadro M4000M140Radeon R7 360
91FirePro W8000141Radeon HD 6950
92Radeon HD 7870 XT142Radeon HD8970M
93GeForce GTX 570143Quadro P600
94GeForce GTX 1050144FirePro V7000 Adapter
95GeForce GTX 680MX145Radeon R7 260X
96GeForce GTX 480146GeForce GTX 560
97Radeon HD 7870147Radeon HD 8950
98GRID K520148MxGPU
99Radeon RX 460149Quadro K1200
100Quadro M2000150FirePro W5000

Keep in mind that when we talk about a mid-range gamer computer it’s not the same as a midrange computer. I mean I’m talking about a computer prepared to play heavy games, with elevated graphics, so the evaluation is much more demanding. A mid-range gamer PC can run any current heavyweight game, but may have limitations in high graphics levels in some cases. There is the key point. That’s why those who want to build a mid-high, high or extreme gaming PC are because they are thinking of playing any game in high to extreme graphics.


Graphic cards according to price

With around $ 100 we can buy a graphics card to build a low-end gamer pc . Being video cards will allow you to play almost all games, but those that are from the last two years, you should play with minimal graphics possibly. Of course, if you buy a graphics card for around $ 50, do not claim to have a PC gamer. These last ones, will serve you but to play games a few years ago, with low graphics and possibly with some problems with several of them.
Between $ 100 and $ 250 is the bulk of the most bought graphics cards by gamers. These include video cards from mid-low to medium to medium to high.
With around 125 dollars we can get a pretty decent graphics to play all the games, including the current ones, although we will have to download most of the graphic effects at medium levels and some minimal at the heaviest games.

With $ 175 we can get video cards much more powerful , some with a performance high enough to play smooth games in medium to high graphics , bearing in mind of course a very good processor to back it up.

Finally, between $ 175 and $ 250, we get mid-high-end graphics cards, which allow gamers to play mid-high or high gamers, and can play almost any game with high graphics. These latest video cards are the most recommended for anyone wanting to build a very powerful gaming PC .

Between 250 and 400 dollars we find high-end graphics cards , some mid-high-end models with a plus of video memory allow you to exploit your performance a little more. These video cards ensure you play quietly any game with high graphics , including the most current and heavy ones. Of course they also allow most games to play in extreme graphics, if they contemplate the option.
With over $ 400 we have the extreme graphics cards for those gamers who want the best of the best. An extreme gaming PC allows to play any game with extreme graphics , of course with an extreme processor and a large amount of RAM . Usually those who buy these video cards are very demanding gamers who often play on multi-screens and with graphic effects to the maximum. We can find video cards of $ 400 and $ 500, and some $ 5000 or more, whose performance brushes the absurd, I mean, it’s too much.

These last video cards are the Nvidia Quadro , which if you check the ranking of the table you will think its price / performance ratio is ridiculous . The point is that these graphics are intended for comprehensive 3D professional use; that’s why even though they are graphic monsters, their performance in games may be less than an extreme video card designed just to play games . By this I mean that to build an extreme gamer PC , you do not need to spend $ 5000 or more on an Nvidia Quadro, but you should look for, for example, an average $ 750 Nvidia GTX .

If you are interested in building a PC gaming I recommend that you read our article on how to do it in this link.