Best Motherboards – Ranking 2017

When building a PC gamer, the graphic card, the processor and the RAM are the most important thing. But many gamers neglect the motherboard. Choosing the right motherboard will help you get the most out of the previous components combined with each other. That’s why you should buy a good quality motherboard and a leading brand such as ASUS, ASRock, MSI and Gigabyte.

Mejores Placas Madre para una PC Gamer 2017
1ASUS Rampage V ExtremeASUSTeK Computer Inc.
2ASRock Z97 Extreme9ASRock
5MSI X79A-GD45 Plus (MS-7760)MSI
6ASRock Z97 Extreme6ASRock
7ASRock Z97 Extreme4ASRock
9ASRock X99M Extreme4ASRock
10ASUS X99-E WSASUSTeK Computer Inc.
11ASUS Rampage IV ExtremeASUSTeK Computer Inc.
12ASUS Z97-ProASUSTeK Computer Inc.
13Gigabyte Z97X Gaming GTGIGABYTE
14Gigabyte Z97X UD5HGIGABYTE
15MSI Z97 Gaming 5MSI


Many gamers are wondering about which brand of motherboard is the best, and to tell the truth, is very fought and sometimes is a matter of preference. But for those who want a bit more information, I will summarize each of them.

The first brand is ASUSTeK Computer Inc .: owns the majority of the best models of motherboards of today in the market. You should not forget the marketing, although statistics indicate that ASUS is preferred by gamers because of its high performance and quality in most of its ranges. That is why in the ranking of best PC gamer, most usually have ASUS, followed by ASRock and MSI, and to a lesser extent Gigabyte. But all this does not mean that the motherboards of ASUS are unbreakable, but in general have reliable hardware even more for the demands of a PC gamer.

The second motherboard brand I’m going to talk about is ASRock. Perhaps this company has been the one that has grown the most in recent years since their motherboards enjoy the same quality that you can find in an ASUS. Nowadays it is very used to build a PC gamer and is the direct competition for ASUS, followed by MSI that treads its heels and followed closely by Gigabyte. ASRock, unlike MSI and Gigabyte, has always laid out some of its best motherboard models in the top 10 ranking competing with ASUS. This shows that the brand has quality, optimization and much prestige when it comes to talking about the best motherboards in the market.

Finally among the best brands of motherboards we have MSI and Gigabyte. Many gamers wonder which is better, and the answer is very relative. If we talk about quality, both are brands that have imposed their products at the height of ASUS and ASRock and the fact that they do not always lead the top 10 of the motherboard, does not mean that they have a lower quality, but ASUS and ASRock have already shown enough and are the best brands. MSI and Gigabyte give a big fight in the mid and high range of motherboards, not so in the extreme range. This does not mean at all that they do not have some models in the ranking of the best and of course it is more economical to use an MSI or Gigabyte motherboard than the best, before an ASUS or ASRock that can have the same performance but be more expensive . This last point is what makes many gamers when building their PC gamer sometimes look for more a motherboard of these brands and not of ASUS or ASRock, since in short, the four brands have a very high quality in the models extremes.

Having talked about the four leading brands of motherboards, the only thing left for me to clarify is that when you are about to build your PC gamer, choose one of these brands and not another. Whether it’s ASUS, ASRock, MSI or Gigabyte, remember that you’ll have quality hardware, so your choice depends more on the motherboard model or your preference for a brand.