Best Processors – Ranking 2017

One of the three main components of a PC gamer, or rather of any PC, is without a doubt the CPU. In this article I have created the ranking of the best processors in the world in which I have separated Intel from AMD, and discriminated the core i3 and i5. The listing is not random or by popularity, but is based on benchmark processes. If you are interested in the laptops, you will also find in the final tab the corresponding TOP 10 of processors.
If you are interested in notebook CPUs, you will also find the corresponding TOP in the final tab.

In summary, in this article you will find:

  • The best PC gaming processor (ranking)
  • Processor Gamer Review
  • Processors: Intel Vs. AMD
  • The Best Intel Processors
  • The Best AMD Processors

The Best CPU – Ranking

Best Intel Core i7
(i9)7920X 2.90 GHz
(i9)7900X 3.30 GHz
6950X – 3.00 GHz
7820X – 3.60 GHz
6900K – 3.20 GHz
5960X – 3.00 GHz
7800X – 3.50 GHz
6850K – 3.60 GHz
4960X – 3.60 GHz
5930K – 3.50 GHz
6800K – 3.40 GHz
4930K – 3.40 GHz
5820K – 3.30 GHz
3960X – 3.30 GHz
3970X – 3.50 GHz
7740X – 4.30 GHz
7700K – 4.20 GHz
3930K – 3.20 GHz
4790K – 4.00 GHz
6700K – 4.00 GHz
5775C – 3.30 GHz
5950HQ – 2.90 GHz
5775R – 3.30 GHz
7700 – 3.60 GHz
4770K – 3.50 GHz
7820HK – 2.90 GHz
4980HQ – 2.80 GHz
6700 – 3.40 GHz
4790 – 3.60 GHz
7920HQ – 3.10 GHz
4940MX – 3.10 GHz
4771 – 3.50 GHz
4770R – 3.20 GHz
4770 – 3.40 GHz
995X – 3.60 GHz
4960HQ – 2.60 GHz
4820K – 3.70 GHz
6920HQ – 2.90 GHz
6770HQ – 2.60 GHz
4790S – 3.20 GHz
3770K – 3.50 GHz
4930MX – 3.00 GHz
5850HQ – 2.70 GHz
4910MQ – 2.90 GHz
7820HQ – 2.90 GHz
7700T – 2.90 GHz
4870HQ – 2.50 GHz
4770S – 3.10 GHz
3940XM – 3.00 GHz
3770 – 3.40 GHz
Best Intel Core i5
7640X – 4.00 GHz
7600K – 3.80 GHz
7600 – 3.50 GHz
7600T – 2.80 GHz
5675C – 3.10 GHz
7440HQ – 2.80 GHz
5675R – 3.10 GHz
7500 – 3.40 GHz
6600K – 3.50 GHz
6600 – 3.30 GHz
4690K – 3.50 GHz
6402P – 2.80 GHz
4670K – 3.40 GHz
4690 – 3.50 GHz
7400 – 3.00 GHz
5575R – 2.80 GHz
4670K CPT – 3.40 GHz
4670 – 3.40 GHz
4690S – 3.20 GHz
6600T – 2.70 GHz
4590 – 3.30 GHz
6500 – 3.20 GHz
7500T – 2.70 GHz
3570K – 3.40 GHz
4570 – 3.20 GHz
3570 – 3.40 GHz
4590S – 3.00 GHz
3550 – 3.30 GHz
7300HQ – 2.50 GHz
3550S – 3.00 GHz
6440HQ – 2.60 GHz
6400 – 2.70 GHz
4570S – 2.90 GHz
3570S – 3.10 GHz
2550K – 3.40 GHz
4570R – 2.70 GHz
4460 – 3.20 GHz
3470 – 3.20 GHz
7400T – 2.40 GHz
4460S – 2.90 GHz
3450 – 3.10 GHz
3475S – 2.90 GHz
2500K – 3.30 GHz
4440 – 3.10 GHz
6500TE – 2.30 GHz
4670S – 3.10 GHz
4690T – 2.50 GHz
2500 – 3.30 GHz
4430 – 3.00 GHz
4670T – 2.30 GHz
Best AMD
Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
Ryzen Threadripper 1920X
Ryzen 7 1800X
Ryzen 7 PRO 1700X
Ryzen 7 PRO 1700
Ryzen 7 1700X
Ryzen 7 1700
Ryzen 5 1600X
Ryzen 5 PRO 1600
Ryzen 5 1600
Ryzen 5 PRO 1500
Ryzen 5 1500X
FX-9590 Eight-Core
FX-9370 Eight-Core
FX-8370 Eight-Core
FX-8350 Eight-Core
Ryzen 3 PRO 1300
Ryzen 5 1400
FX-8320 Eight-Core
Ryzen 3 1300X
FX-8370E Eight-Core
FX-8310 Eight-Core
FX-8300 Eight-Core
FX-8150 Eight-Core
FX-8320E Eight-Core
Ryzen 3 PRO 1200
FX-6350 Six-Core
Ryzen 3 1200
FX-6330 Six-Core
FX-8120 Eight-Core
FX-6300 Six-Core
FX-6130 Six-Core
PRO A12-9800
PRO A12-8870
FX-6200 Six-Core
FX-8100 Eight-Core
FX-8140 Eight-Core
PRO A10-8850B
Phenom II X6 1100T
FX-6120 Six-Core
PRO A10-9700
PRO A10-8770
PRO A10-8750B
Phenom II X6 1090T
Athlon X4 880K
Best Intel Core i3
7350K – 4.20 GHz
7320 – 4.10 GHz
7300 – 4.00 GHz
6320 – 3.90 GHz
6098P – 3.60 GHz
7100 – 3.90 GHz
6300 – 3.80 GHz
7300T – 3.50 GHz
4370 – 3.80 GHz
6100 – 3.70 GHz


Consider according to the number that occupies in the ranking, which PC gamer you want to build:
– i7/i9 -> Top 1 to 10: extreme range.
– i7/i9 -> Top 11 to 50: high range.
– AMD -> Top 1 to 25: high range
– i5: mid range.
– AMD -> Top 26 to 50: mid range
– i3: low range.

Since the emergence of the powerful Intel Core i7, no other microprocessor has been able to overcome them. Intel is currently experimenting with a new model: the Intel Core i9.

With the current i7 micros you can rest assured that your gaming PC will respond to the best performance with the best video card that you put it, I mean, it is a guaranteed guarantee. Of course, you must pay a price for it and sometimes the price-quality ratio of the i7 is not very convenient.

AMD processors today have a significant market demand, though of course they have failed to match Intel. Anyway AMD offers in some of its micros an important relation of price / quality. This allows a gamer to find a microprocessor of the same power level as an i7 for example, but with a more affordable price. Currently AMD has released its best model, the AMD Ryzen microprocessors, which have been among the best processors of this 2017 , stepping on the heels of i9 and i7 of higher ranking of Intel. These micros are fit to build an extreme gaming PC and at a more affordable price than many Intel i9 / i7.

The next ranking includes the best AMD processors to build a PC gamer in this 2017 .

It is noteworthy that Intel dominates the market for best-end processors . By this I mean that between the middle of the CPU number 1 and the number 2 of AMD, there are always five or more of the Intel brand. Also the amount of micro that launches Intel to the market does not mean that it dominates the same, but that AMD has much less variety in the extreme ranges.

Intel Core i5 processors are possibly the most used by gamers to build their PC gaming. This is because its price is not as high as an i9 or i7, and its power is above an i3, allowing access to high-performance graphics cards without suffering bottlenecks. The next ranking includes the best Intel Core i5 processors to build a mid-range gamer 2017 PC .

Intel Core i3 processors should also be considered when building a gaming PC. Of course, its power is below the i9, i7 and i5, and half of the AMD ranking, but they can still be used for an intermediate. The next ranking includes the best Intel Core i3 processors to build a mid-range or low-end gamer PC .

Among the best processors of this 2017 are many Intel Xeon, which are in the following table. The problem is that these CPUs are not used on desktops , not even the PC gamer , since they were designed and manufactured more specifically to work as servers. That is why a user who has a personal computer, has to look inside the Intel Core i9 or i7, as the best of the best you can get for your computer in this 2017, or point to an AMD CPU of the extreme range.

You must keep in mind what was explained above: Intel Xeon processors are the most powerful to perform a lot of tasks at a time, but are not recommended to build a PC gamer but used in servers.

Processor Gamer Review

Always keep in mind that computing is advancing at a rapid pace and that the CPU that is today the best, may not be tomorrow because another one comes out. That is why even for the most demanding gamers, it is very crazy to try to follow that endless race. The idea of ​​this list is to know which are the best processors of both Intel and AMD 2017 for those who want to build an extreme PC gamer, or a high-end with the core i3 and i5 presented. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the speed difference between the first CPU of the ranking and the number 10, will not be directly visible when playing, not even in ultra graphics. That is why it is a mistake to be obsessed with having the best of the best.

With this I also want to clarify another point for gamers. Those who want to build a high-level PC gamer, do not need to go first in the ranking of processors, in fact, they can opt for the core i5 presented, which are extremely powerful, or core i3 of this top 10, since They would only have to aim for more power if they are going to buy one of the top 5 video cards of 2017.
All of these rankings have been evaluated using benchmark techniques. For those who do not know, the benchmark is a technique used to know the performance of the hardware of a PC. There are many software to do this. Everything consists of graphic, sound and processing tests that evaluate hardware speeds and capabilities.


Processors: Intel Vs. AMD

These two brands have been in dispute for a lifetime, but neither has ever imposed on the other. It is true that in 2017 and already a couple of years ago, Intel has managed to impose itself with a lot of models in the extreme range and CPUs for servers. But the competition of the rest of the ranges low, medium and high, are balanced. Intel always has more quantity, but the quality of both is the same.

Always when you have to build a PC you have to think first of the CPU, not even the graphics card comes first, since it is assumed that a processor of very good performance needs a motherboard of very good quality and already this is given by which will accept a very high quality graphics card.

If you are not an extreme gamer, what interests you is that the CPU perfectly withstands the video card at its maximum power. That’s why it does not matter much if it’s Intel or AMD, unless you’ve already bought or have the motherboard. In this case you will have to buy the model and brand supported by it. By this I mean that what you should look at is your pocket. If you have an AMD and an Intel processor that have about the same performance, then choose the cheapest one. Generally AMD has better prices and also has a better option of overlocking (hardware control technique that greatly increases performance, shortening the life of the component).


The Best Intel Processors

In 2015/2016/2017 Intel is in the fifth generation of microprocessors which have been called «Broadwell». For now, more than performance improvements, Intel continues with the same family of colors i3, i5 and i7, and its low ranges such as Celeron and Pentium. Of course the ultra range is still that of the i7 Extreme. My recommendation is that when it comes to build a PC gamer opt to buy a core i3 of the best or a mid-high or high range i5.


The Best AMD Processors

AMD continues with the FX family in the mid-high, high and extreme range. As I have clarified throughout the article, AMD has not released too many types of CPUs like Intel, that is why basically if you are looking for a micro for your PC gamer, you should look, in the case of FX, how many colors have . An 8-cores FX is like an Intel Core i7 while a 6-cores FX is like a Core i5.